Our cupcakes are made with two ingredients. cake & frosting.

"Baking the perfect cupcake takes about 16 mins...burning the perfect cupcake takes about 17...don't be a burnt cupcake."

A sugar-free, gluten-free cupcake is a science experiment. 

A little known fact: people with high IQ love cupcakes. 

Hello Sunshine is full of vitamin D

Want to make good frosting? Whip your butter till it’s shiny. 

Vanilla beans + vodka + 2 months = pure vanilla extract.

December 15th is National Cupcake Day... except in California where everyday is cupcake day. We do whatever we want here.

The cupcake wrapper doubles as a napkin.


Sunshine makes me happy

I organize things just for fun. 

I love glassware and paper goods

I use a fork to eat pizza, a spoon to eat a cupcake, and cut corn off the cob. Yeah, I know.

I have a deep desire to live in Greece for 6 months

I’m a church lady

I pray for strength equal to my tasks. And thank God for delivering.

Living with a perfectionist is no fun. Ask my husband. Ask my daughter. Ask my son.

I’ve been fortunate to experience the country way of living and I love it. Thanks Charlottesville.

Girlfriends are awesome. And necessary for sanity.

I like manners.

I have really curly hair.



Hello Sunshine! Cupcakes-- The deliciousness within the cupcake wrapper can only be the result of quality ingredients intentionally brought together. Farm fresh eggs and organics are always the preference here, along with the very best chocolate and vanilla beans available. Flavor responsibility. You can taste it!

I'm Maria Porter, founder of Hello Sunshine! Cupcakes! I am a mother, a wife, an auntie, a baker, and self-proclaimed foodie. The art of gatherings is my passion and with that comes the enjoyment of serving others. Boards and bowls of beautifully prepared food displayed down the center of a wooden gathering table-- under a patio cover as the California sun peeks through the slats above, friends gathered, sounds of clinking glasses and laughter-- this is where the magic happens.

I recently moved back to California from Charlottesville, Virginia. During my eight-year stint there, I began Charlottesville Cupcake. To my delight it soon became a local favorite. I was more than blessed to have an amazing community to bake for and I increasingly grew connected to the local business owners, farms, and vineyards.  My husband, a Los Angeles boy, was now growing cabernet sauvignon grapes and me, tending to a vegetable garden the size of Texas!... a city girl’s perspective, of course :) ...and all the while, still baking. This experience solidified my enthusiasm for pure ingredients, good food, and community.  It gave me an appreciation for how food got to my table! However, as much as I loved the small town feel of Charlottesville, I longed to be back in the warmth of the sun... Hello Sunshine!!!

Coming back to California... I thought I would hang up my cupcake apron and just enjoy the sun, surf, and tacos. But it wasn’t long before friends and family called asking if they could order cupcakes... “now that you’re back,” is how the conversations went. I knew then that even if I didn’t make a business of it I would be baking for the special folks in my life. And happy to do so.

I have been baking for more than 25 years-- early on, special occasion cakes and then settling mostly into wedding cakes. While I sometimes miss the transporting nightmares of feeling every bump in the road and the race to set-up a cake within an impossible window of time, the cupcake has become the gentler, kinder cake and is much more suitable to my new country way of thinking.

From California to Virginia and back again. I continue to bake anticipating the enjoyment folks will receive from a good quality product and, unknowingly to them, from the personal involvement that goes into each and every part of a cupcake. I look forward to connecting and contributing to the local food community.

Oh Virginia, how I do miss a good bonfire!

xo, maria