Location, location, location! 

Hello Sunshine! Cupcakes is a cottage food business. Basically, what this means is that we are a licensed home-based bakery. While we LOVE being a home business, our plan is to expand to a storefront. When? once we’re selling so many cupcakes that we are busting at the seams!!! So keep the orders rolling in.  And we’ll keep the cupcakes rolling out :) 

What am I paying for?

We use all organic dairy products (organic butter is expensive!), along with organic eggs, and the BEST chocolate and pure vanilla we can find. Not to mention a whole lotta love, which is priceless! One bite and you’ll taste the difference.

Where do you deliver cupcakes? 

San Fernando Valley, and Santa Monica to Los Angeles. Typically, our delivery time is noon to 3:00.

Can I pick up my order?

Cupcakes may be picked up at our home kitchen in Woodland Hills. We may even make you a cuppa tea :)

How do I store my cupcakes?

While some folks love cold cupcakes, our preference for freshness is room temp! A plastic container will do fine. Keep in mind that our cupcakes are made with pure ingredients... so if left in the heat they will melt.

What is the minimum order required? 

We bake just for you! Therefore, we have a 2 dozen minimum for our standard cupcakes and 4 dozen for our minis. You may choose two cake flavors and several frosting choices…giving you a plethora of combinations!                                         

How much notice do I need to give for my cupcake order? 

We accommodate as many orders as possible but please give us 48 hours notice to ensure your request. Last minute rush?  We are happy to burn the midnight oil for you... that's if our schedule permits but it'll cost ya. ;) Please inquire.

Do I need to be present to receive delivery? 

Cupcake deliveries must be received in-person. Because this is a food item, we will not leave an order unattended.  If no one is available to receive delivery– cupcakes will be returned to our bakery for further instructions. Re-delivery fee may apply.

What if I need to cancel my order?

We will be very sad :(  However, if you cancel your order 24 hours prior to delivery you will receive a full refund– otherwise, non-refundable. Cancellation policy for large party (5+ dozen) and custom orders is specified in contract.

Are your cupcakes nut-free?

Yes, but our kitchen is not. Persons with nut allergies are cautioned!

Do you offer Gluten-free cupcakes?

We’re working on it so stay tuned!