From the first bite to the very last, you get a sense that everything wonderful has been mixed into the ingredients which makes them nothing short of perfection. I've even witnessed someone licking the crumbs from the inside wrapper to make the experience linger.  Hello Sunshine! Cupcakes really are sheer perfection in a paper wrapper. – Rose G. Whittier, CA


FLOORED BY HOW AMAZING YOUR CUPCAKES ARE! You made my day, my night, my month.  Insane.  WOW.  – Jennifer K. Los Angeles, CA


So I rarely push companies or businesses or anything like that...especially on Facebook (they do enough advertising, lol). But if I can recommend one thing...it's hello Sunshine! cupcakes. They are truly the best cupcakes I've ever tasted... I've never tasted anything like these...the chocolate mint cupcake has to be one of the best things I've tasted...EVER! – Frank G. Whittier, CA


...Hers [Maria’s] are in a class all by themselves, absolutely the best cupcake I have ever enjoyed, or should I say devoured! – Lou C. Charlottesville, VA